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Portable Quick Lift:Advantages and characteristics of projection of new elevator door
2019-08-26 08:37:14

Portable Quick Lift The advantages and characteristics of elevator door projection are summarized and analyzed, which can be divided into the following points.

Portable Quick Lift

  1. More environmentally friendly. LED advertisement lamp uses LED cold light source, does not contain mercury and other toxic substances in traditional advertisement lamp source.

2. More energy-saving. For example, 150W LED advertisement lamp can completely replace 400W traditional metal halide advertisement lamp; 100W-120W LED advertisement lamp can replace 250W traditional metal halide advertisement lamp, which can reach a ratio of 1 to 2 or even higher.

3. Longer life. The life of traditional metal halide advertisement lamp is 7000-10000 hours, while that of LED advertisement lamp is as long as 100000 hours. Compared with the two, the advantages of LED advertising lights are very obvious.

4. Strong stability. Traditional metal halide advertising lamps are greatly disturbed by the stability of power supply, and the fluctuation will affect the life of triggers, ballasts and other devices. The internal structure of the LED advertising lamp is simple, and it starts instantaneously through the DC conversion of the LED driving power supply, which makes the lamp more stable.

5. Easy to maintain. European standard advertisement lamp sweat ballast, flip-flop, capacitor, light source, etc. American standard advertisement lamp contains flip-flop, start-up capacitor, light source, while LED advertisement lamp only needs LED driver power and LED chip, plus the required shell, the maintenance of LED advertisement lamp is much more convenient and simple.

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