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Car Quick Lift Features
2019-06-04 11:50:43

Car Quick Lift Features:

Car Quick Lift

1. Wide range of use; the lowest position of the car is zero relative to the ground.

2, the lifting height can be up to 30 meters; according to the user's lifting height and load requirements, the relay type cylinder can be designed as 6, 8, 10, 20 and so on.

3, the maximum load capacity can reach 70 tons; car size can be designed more customer requirements, the common car specifications are 2000 * 2000 * 2000mm (length * width * height). The current maximum size of the case is 10000*5000*4000mm (length*width*height).

4. The amount of sinking is less than the international standard; the leakage of the valve body and the compression of the air in the hydraulic oil will sink when the lift is heavy and heavy. The national standard regards the amount of sinking as an important indicator for measuring the eligibility of elevators. After years of practical research, our company has solved the problem of sinking the industry for many years.

5, long service life; because there is no multi-point hinge wear, the force is good, the average service life is more than ten years.

6, advanced technology, simple operation; from the first generation of "hydraulic lifts" came out, to the current generation of the sixth generation of products, the company's research and development personnel poured a lot of effort into the product, from mechanical control to the failure warning display, people Intelligent machine interface, etc.

7. Complete safety facilities; Car Quick Lift has safety protection measures such as overload safety protection, limit safety protection, buffer safety protection, interlocking interlock protection between layers, voltage loss protection, and fault phase protection.

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