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Double Column Home Garage Lift Operation and Maintenance Requirements
2019-06-15 11:16:34

1. Home Garage Lift operation requirements:

a. The lifting arm should be reduced to the minimum length as much as possible. The lifting pad should be placed in the middle of the lower part of the recommended lifting position of the vehicle, and the lifting pad should be adjusted to make uniform contact.

b. First raise the lift arm to the lift pad to fully contact the vehicle and check if it is firmly loaded.

c. Slowly raise the vehicle from the ground to ensure that the load is balanced and lifted to the required working height.

d. Release the rise button and lower the vehicle to the safe and secure position to perform maintenance work.

e. Lift the vehicle before placing the vehicle, open the safety insurance, and then press the down button to slowly lower the vehicle until the lifting arm is at the lowest position. Remove the lifting arm and drive out the vehicle.

Home Garage Lift

2, Home Garage Lift maintenance requirements (monthly):

1) Check and retighten the anchor screws.

2) Lubricate the chain/cable with a spray lubricant.

3) Check all chains, connectors, bolts and pins to ensure reliable and secure.

4) Visually inspect for possible wear on all hydraulic lines.

5) Check that the slider movement inside the column is properly lubricated. Timely supplement with high quality heavy grease. All anchor screws should be fully tightened.

If there are screws that do not work, the hoist should not be used until the bolts are replaced.

Every six months:

1) Visually inspect the wear and tear that may occur on all moving parts.

2) Check the lubrication of all pulleys. If the pulley is dragging during lifting, add an appropriate amount of lubricant to the axle.

3) Check and adjust the tension of the balance cable to ensure the level of the lift.

4) Check the verticality of the cylinder. Heavy oil lubrication is applied to the inner corners of each column to minimize friction of the slider to ensure a smooth, even lift of the Home Garage Lift.

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