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LUXMIAN Portable Quick Lift have got the CE certification
2019-06-19 15:31:34

From handling to use,From tire maintenance to chassis cleaning .LUXMAIN Quick Lift make everything just easy.You can do more with LUXMAIN Quick Lift with less space.

LUXMIAN Portable Quick Lift

Benefiting from its convenient roller design,It is can be lifted and towed with one hand.

Just put the left and right lift frame on each side of the vehicle before use.

LUXMIAN Portable Quick Lift Which is a convenient and portable electric hydraulic car lifting system .It can lift a vehicle by directly using itself power supply . 

Get rid of the dependence on power supply and venues in road rescue, door-to-door service, car wash and beauty industry.

LUXMIAN Portable Quick Lift have got the CE certification ,too.

LUXMAIN Quick Lift has Excellent waterproof and anti-corrosive properties.The whole frame can even be soaked in water.

All the parts, including packaging box,Can be loaded by a van.

Is it a lot of space to use your car scissor lift to maintain your car in your garage? Affected your operating space? It is recommended that you use the Bisman underground lifting machine, which takes up less space and is quick and flexible.

How to choose a car lift that suits you? There is a very practical car lift, which is light and small, and can be used in your own garage, yard, roadside or narrow parking lot, and this car lift is installed and operated. Very simple.

Here we introduce a new car weightlifter, which is born to solve the problem that the lifting height of the jack is not enough and the weight of the traditional scissor lifter is not suitable for moving. It is very suitable for the need to move the car weightlift frequently. Work environment.

If you have your own garage, you will have some garage equipment to repair and maintain your car. In addition to the practical tools, the garage equipment should also be equipped with a car lift, where there is no light and  no land. What about car lifts?Luxmain is here.

You can do Replace engine oil and oil filter,or replace the brake pads with LUXMIAN Portable Quick Lift

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