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Portable Quick Lift Installation Brief
2019-06-26 14:10:57

Portable Quick Lift installation brief:

Portable Quick Lift

1: Place the main and auxiliary columns on the ground side by side, and install the beam. Be sure to tighten all the screws.

2: Wear the wire rope, oil pipe and limit line on the beam, so that the column does not climb to the upper area of the beam to install things.

3: 3 people on one side, erect the column and adjust the position

4: Measure with the level ruler, adjust the two columns without tilting and not twisting. Then use the horizontal tube to measure whether the column is on a horizontal surface.

5: After determining that the column is not tilted, lay the expansion screw.

6: The oil pump is connected, and the Changcheng 46 hydraulic oil is added.

7: Determine the cylinder chain, the wire rope connection is in place, and the lift is raised to determine the positive and negative voltage.

8: Lift a car, lift about 0.6 meters high, locked in the insurance position

9: Adjust the two ropes together.

The eighth and ninth lifts are the same in any two-post lift, and after a period of use of the Portable Quick Lift, the adjustment is repeated as the rope is loose.

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